Ireland is a strategic country and excellent base to do business in UK, Europe and America. Ireland is a EU member country and also member of Schengen area. Besides these Ireland is an excellent foreign investment destination to form a company.

Ireland  Immigrant Investor Program

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin, Ireland.Ireland has a specific scheme for Non-EU and Non-EEA persons to obtain residence by means of establishing a business in Ireland. The minimum investment needed EUR 300’000 and more and following  eligibility procedure..

  1. The minimum investment amount should be no less than EUR 300’000
  2. Prior “Business Permission” must be obtained from Ministry of Justice and Equality.
  3. Must create atleast 2 jobs in Ireland.
  4. Prior business experience and detailed business plans needed.
  5. Applicants should be able to prove sufficient income available for accomodation and living expenses.
  6. No gainful occupation in Ireland allowed.

More specific information can be found on Irish Govt Immigration Website.

The formalities involved requires lot of work and it is not easy to get get business permission. To do business in Ireland, you can either setup a Private Limited Company (PRC) or Public Limited Company (PLC).

Ireland Private Limited Company

The PRC is popular among foreign investors as there are no minimum share capital, and it requires atleast 2 directors and a company secretary. Atleast one of the directors need to be an EEA national. Annual audits must be filed.

Ireland Public Limited Company

The Public Limited Company (PLC) requires minimum share capital of EUR 39’000 and atleast 25% of the the capital must be paid up and there are minimum of 7 shareholders required. Annual audits must be filed yearly.

Ireland levies 12.5% of corporate tax in profits. You can find more information in Ireland Companies Registration Office