Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

Malta is a EU Member State that is stable, neutral and highly respected beautiful country. Malta is one the most popular retirement destinations in the World with exceptional good climate, english speaking foreign community and high standards of living.












Minimum Investment

Malta has announced a new citizenship by investment program (Malta golden passport), commonly known as “Invidual Investor Program (IIP).malta (1)

Under this program one must

  1. Contribute EUR 650,000 to Malta National Development Fund
  1. Buy a real estate worth atleast EUR 350,000 (or) Rent a housing for atleast EUR 16,000 per year
  1. Purchase of atleast EUR 150,000 in Government bonds or approved financial instruments.


Malta grants full EU passport with visa free travel to over 190+ countries worldwide which includes visa free travel to all Europe, United Kingdom and USA

The total costs inklusiv all fees, will come around EUR 1 million + additional costs for number of people apply for passport.

Note:  After 12 months satisfying the residency requirements, the passport is issued.

Additional Fees

  • Due diligence fee
  • Client and lawyer fee
  • Passport fee

Note: All figures above are approximate figures. Please contact us for the more accurate quote.

Application Time Frame:  3-6 months.