Mauritius is a open economy and investment friendly country with large scale development in real estate, finance and renewable energy and other emerging sectors. Mauritius is often referred to as tax haven for non resident companies which do business outside Mauritius.

Besides tax benefits, Mauritius has beautiful beaches and stunning coastline and its a dream destination for large number of tourists. Mauritius passport allows visa free travel to Europe, UK and schengen countries.

Mauritius Immigrant Investor Residency

Mauritius-cityForeign nationals after 3 years of residence in Mauritius are eligible to apply for “permanent residence” under retirement upon following conditions:

* Transfer atleast USD 40’000 or more in bank account in Mauritius annually.
* No employment or work in Mauritius
* Have legally resided for 3 years or more.

Spouse and dependents are may also apply for permanent residence permit. Permanent residence permit does not give the right to work. The permit does not take much time and can be obtained within a week or so.

Mauritius Investor Citizenship

Naturalisation or obtaining Mauritius citizenship is possible for foreign citizens, upon satisfying both the below requirements:

(i) You have invested a minimum of USD 500’000 or more in Mauritius
(ii) Have Resided continuously in Mauritius for atleast 2 years.

Mauritius does not allow dual citizenship, which means you have to give up your existing citizenship, should you receive citizenship in Mauritius.