Spanish Golden Visa

Spain is one of the important economies in Europe and a full EU member state and schengen area. Recently in 2013, Spain has launched a very attractive real estate investor program, known as ‘Golden Visa’, similar to Portugal.


Minimum Investment

spain2EUR 500,000 in real estate (purchase of house, condo or apartment)

The investors will be issued a Residence Permit(RP) against the real estate investment, usually renewed every 2 years or 1 year, depending on the category. The Residence card allows free travel in the European schengen countries.

No minimum residency requirements, but it is recommended to take residency in Spain, if the investor is interested in applying for passport only after 10 years.

Spanish Passport

After 10 years of living in Spain, it is possible to apply for Spanish citizenship and passport. Spanish language requirement is a must to be a spanish citizen.