The United States welcomes investors from various foreign countries who invest substantially in the economy of development of country, such as bringing jobs and businesses.

US Immigrant Investor Program

USAThe US has “EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program” for investors who want to gain “Green card” or “Permanent resident” status in the US. Under this scheme, a minimum investment of atleast USD 500’000 is required, which is to be invested in a rural part of the country, by means of creating “commercial business” and this business should create atleast 10 jobs.

For major cities, the investment is no less than USD 1 million. It is not a passive investment and the investor must play an active role in management of business.

The investment stays for about 4 years and the the processing time is quick under the investor category. Each year a about 10’000 of visas issued of which about 3000 – 5000 visas are are set aside under Regional center category. Investor is allowed to bring family members and dependents, provided the sufficient means of financial support shown.

After 5 years of residence in US and from the date of issue of “conditional” green card, it is possible to apply for US citizenship.

US taxes on worldwide income, even for resident alients, and to mitigate taxes, many wealthy investors chose L-1 (manager transfer) or E-2 (treaty investor) visa, rather than opting for green card program. A proper tax planning need to done on case by case basis.